What Trouble can Teach us


I’m not usually a fan of this kind thing…. The over analysis of difficult situations and trying to find the most tenuous link to meaning, all to help us feel in control. As the preacher mentioned at my church on sunday “In this world Jesus promised us two things; that we will have trouble, and that he will be always be with us“.

So I try not to focus on the why is this happening and look for the where is He whilst this is happening.

However through spending time with my fiancé who is going through a rough patch health-wise I have seen areas where he is growing and how trouble is growing and shaping him. Let me tell you how…

My fiancé is stripped of the things he is best at. He is in hospital after having part of his lung removed
and sewn back together. He is stuck to a bed in pain, he can’t play sport, he can’t work, he can’t do youth work and he can’t make a difference to people lives like he always tries to. His identity for the last few years has been taken….. Now he is having to find his identity in God.

He has always been a person who is upbeat, positive and jokey. He is so much fun to be around! Yet now he is on drugs that make him feel miserable and depressed. I can see his compassion and understanding growing- this man is maturing!

He is mostly alone, because he is two hours away from family and friends. God is the closest one to him and my fiancé is forced to rely on him.

There is so much blessing going on through this situation – Jesus promised us both trouble as this world is fallen, before I would have focused on the bad and collapsed but now that I am watching for Jesus I am strengthened and can pray my fiancé through this time even when I can’t be with him.

what difficulty are you facing? Have you been focusing on the why instead of the “where is Jesus?”; if so grab the promise that He is always there and look out for Him, it may take time but you won’t be disappointed.