It’s been a long time since my last post – life and wedding and flat buying have stolen my brain. Happy, fun, exciting but DRAINING TIMES.

Today I’m trying to get my head around promotion – promotion God’s way.

It seems to me that it’s when we get to a place of complete tired-to-the-bone, energy-depleted, the-full-realisation-that-you-can’t-do-this-alone-place that God suddenly gives you more to do.

I found myself running on empty recently and I said to God – “this is enough! I can’t do this by myself, I’ve been proud and stuck up and now I need your help. I need your humbleness and to be like you!”. I wanted to be banished to a cave to get my bad behaviour out and to focus on God and not my “prestige and position”. I wanted to stay in the shadows because I fully realise how I just don’t deserve what God has given me so far. I wanted to step down because my behaviour is BAD, my attitude STINKS and I’m so blooming UNGRATEFUL!


The last thing I excepted was a God-promotion. Why here in my weakness? In my knowledge of that weakness. Why promote me now?

Because in my weakness He is strong. He uses the weak to shame the wise. I have no doubt in my mind that it is GOD who will do this through me because I know I am not enough.

Father, keep me depending on you. Kill my pride dead. Reignite my prayers. Be my everything.

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God or Chocolate?

First off let me tell you, I am totally and utterly in love with food. I love the anticipation of an amazing meal, I get such satisfaction out of cooking something amazing for my family and food for me is a real life comfort, something like a warm fuzzy blanket for my stomach which snuggles right into my soul. Why is this important? Because last week I attempted my very first fast day.

How did I get on?

I did it!!!! Woo Hoooooo!

My version of fasting involved cutting down my calories to a quarter of what I normally eat. I am quite hypoglycaemic and have a very demanding job, so I felt to jump in cold turkey would be irresponsible.

Here is how I found it……………

I thought that I would be hungry – I was, but once you reach that hungry feeling it honestly doesn’t get that much worse.

I thought that I wouldn’t be able to concentrate – I had oodles of energy and more concentration than on a normal day!

I thought I would feel faint – I felt mildly faint, but after a drink of water that disappeared.

I thought I wouldn’t be able to sleep – I slept fine and fell asleep properly focused on God.


All in all I was amazed at how easy I found this. My day was a really hectic, stressful and actually quite upsetting one and the lack of food really didn’t feature too much in my thoughts, maybe the lack of my comfort food drove me closer to God! I feel free from this sugar addiction/dependence/love-hate relationship with sweets and chocolate. I feel clean.

I honestly believe God asks us to fast for a reason. I think it has real power. My day had a focus, and that was to control a natural urge to honour God. I thought about Him so much more. I prayed so much more.

I felt so peaceful.

Today I am fasting again, and my prayer request along with this fast is that God would bless me with some deep, deep healing in my broken places. I can feel an electric current flowing from me to God and I am so certain he’s going to do this for me.

So as I finish this post I want to leave you with a verse

29 And He replied to them, This kind cannot be driven out by anything but prayer and fasting” Mark 9:29 The Amp Version

Is there anything stubbornly sticking in your life that just isn’t budging no matter how you pray? If you have never tried it and are physically able, why not give fasting a try?

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Fasting – How will I Survive without lots of FOOOOOD?

I can’t say that I have ever really fasted before, or even considered it! I always assumed that it was just an old-fashioned, out of date bible rule (forgive me – I’m quickly realising God doesn’t do those kind of rules!). The only person I knew of who had fasted was my uncle who fasted for a week and said it was NOT a good idea to do it. It just wasn’t really on my radar as something worth doing.


Recently, fasting seems to have been invading my life, people from all sides keep coincidentally mentioning it to me. To the point where one lady at my work, who I respect and admire A LOT even if she is a bit unconventional, told me “oh, you must fast, your family needs you so much. Just go without one thing a day that you would miss and every time you miss it pray to God for them, so that you remember to pray”.

I’ve been dismissing this bombardment of “you must fast!” coming from left right and centre by clinging to the fact that my wedding dress fitting lady told me “this will fit perfectly – but DO NOT lose any weight!”. Well, it looks like I’ve been going a little too far with that statement as I have now got weight to lose *sigh*…..

So tomorrow will be my first experience of fasting!

I’m not cutting out food entirely but cutting my calorie intake down to 500 calories for a day (there’s a well researched diet out there that this is based on so I know it won’t harm me or kill me haha!).


I’m interested to see how this is going to go, what will I feel? How hard will it really be? How hungry is it possible to get? On the one hand I’m so excited because I get the feeling there will be real God stuff for me to learn here, on the other I am scared I’ll get to 11am and give up in a hypoglycaemic haze!

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes! P.S. any of you ever give fasting a try? Hints or tips or even tales of epic fails are more than welcome in the comments – I think I’ll need the encouragement!

photo credit: » Zitona « via photopin cc
photo credit: » Zitona « via photopin cc