Of Course I’m not Sensible – I’m a Christian!

I don’t think Jesus was a sensible guy. The people He chose to work with, were not the sensible choice. The things He said to the pharisees, were not the sensible things to say. The people He hung out with? Prostitutes and thieves aren’t the typically sensible choice of companions.

He was a risk taker, a massive risk-taker.

Somewhere along the line in my head sensibility became synonymous with godliness. The sensible choice of education is the Christian way, the sensible use of money is the Christian way. The sensible way became my rule for living.

What I misunderstood was that Christianity is not about being sensible, it’s about being wise.


My fiance is also a risk taker and because of it is the most godly man I know. When he was on a mission trip to South Africa he felt God say to him to take the young people from my home town back with him. He didn’t ignore God he took Him at His word. 8 months later and he began to plan the trip and no one, to my shame myself included, really believed he could do it. However my fiance knew God is a God of the impossible, He’s a provider and miracle maker so he kept on moving forward with the plans.

To everyone’s amazement – the trip happened! £27,000 raised in less than a year. 16 young people went to Malawi and I was so lucky to be able to go with them.

It was risky and although they were supportive our churches thought the way we did it was too risky, not planned out enough, not sensible enough.

I have learnt that nothing is too risky with Jesus. It is wise to take radical action because of God’s word. If you tell me Jesus is sensible then I will show you the cross – the most illogical thing for God to have done, but the most amazing.

I am not sensible; I am a follower of Jesus.

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