The Curse of the Ugly Days

The curse of the “Ugly Day” is probably something most women experience. The impatient fussing in a mirror that just won’t show us what we want to see, the shrinking feeling inside as our faults feel lit up, on display, and, sometimes, the concrete hate deep in our stomachs directed at ourselves.

It sounds petty to admit how much I care what I look like, and how unkind words from the past still to this day really affect me, but the truth is I do care and some days I really REALLY care.

When an Ugly Day comes upon me I feel defeated, I feel ashamed and I am not a good advert for following Jesus. What a great plan of the devil to keep me under his control!


Low self-esteem can destroy so many things in a person’s life. We become jealous of our friends, distant from our husbands (at the moment I’m just guessing!) and causes lack of confidence with new people we meet. Half the things that God would have us do, that we would be perfect at, we are too afraid to do. This is just plain poisonous!

Now unfortunately I don’t have answers which are life changing. I know that focusing on our positives is good, as is taking control of what we think/read/watch on TV – none of this is new or mind blowing stuff. What I think might help though, is to remember that this is a great way for the devil to keep us inactive. Basically, this is an attack which can have devastating results so he uses it a lot.

We can remember that we don’t feel this way because we are ugly, we feel this way because of an attack. You wouldn’t attack something useless, and you wouldn’t attack something that isn’t important. Women are made to be beautiful, and that’s why the devil wants us to feel ugly. Our strength is in our beauty, which actually has very little to do with what we look like; We are beautiful because that’s what God made us to be – if you feel anything else it is simply a lie.

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I’m Choosing Life

I have grown up negative about myself. All through my life I have been fed the subtle message “you are second best”, “you’re ugly”, “you aren’t as good as that person”, “they don’t find you intersting, they won’t even remember you”. Hasn’t every one? At least every woman I know has.

Those people who the devil uses to make us feel small, the perfect one? Well I realised today that he may well be trying to push them down too. And what about me? Am I doing the same? Pushing people down? Most probably.

So here’s my decision. I am choosing life. I am choosing to forgive those who hurt me. To be hard to offend, quick to believe the best and humble. I’m going to choose to look at what Jesus has done. He loves me. He chose me. He says I’m beautiful, and so I beleive Him.

That’s enough for me.