Depression Days are Over

After a time of massive trial this is what God had to say to those people who ran to Him because of the trouble. These are amazing words and I hope they brighten your day!


 Jeremiah 18-21

“Again, God’s Message:

“‘I’ll turn things around for Jacob.
I’ll compassionately come in and rebuild homes.
The town will be rebuilt on its old foundations;
the mansions will be splendid again.
Thanksgivings will pour out of the windows;
laughter will spill through the doors.
Things will get better and better.
Depression days are over.
They’ll thrive, they’ll flourish.
The days of contempt will be over.
They’ll look forward to having children again,
to being a community in which I take pride.
I’ll punish anyone who hurts them,
and their prince will come from their own ranks.
One of their own people shall be their leader.
Their ruler will come from their own ranks.
I’ll grant him free and easy access to me.
Would anyone dare to do that on his own,
to enter my presence uninvited?’ God’s Decree.

22 “‘And that’s it: You’ll be my very own people,
I’ll be your very own God.’”

In people’s lives it seems that awful circumstances, pain and grief can either cause people to run as far away from God as they can or to deliberately push closer to Him.

If you are trying, even the tiniest bit, to love God throughout your trials this promise is for you – BE ENCOURAGED! 🙂

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A painted lemon is not an orange.

I read this post yesterday and it’s stuck in my head, I feel squeezed by circumstances in my life and this is reminding me to watch my reactions and what comes out of me as a result of the squeezing. This a really brilliant post, have a read and I hope it helps you as much as it helped me!

Look, He may well Kill me, but I will Hope in Him

I will always trust Him – but only when I understand.

I will always praise Him – as long as I feel like He deserves it.

I will always follow Him – but only when He tells me where I’m going.

I will always make time for Him – as long as I have nothing better to do.

I will always love Him – as long as He answers my prayers.


As I’m writing these things I can see how wrong they are, and how insulting they must be to the God of the universe who created me, cared for me and even died for me when I got it wrong. But all the same I can recognise that I do actually live like this.

Job had it right, when his world fell apart he said these words…

“Look, He may well kill me,
but I will hope in Him.” Job 13:14

How mind-blowing is that? It’s completely foolish and ridiculous to trust in someone who might kill you! But Job knew that God is worth it; He is good and has promised that everything that happens He will make good. Trusting like this is actually the wisest thing we can do!

We have the opportunity to trust a perfect, consistently brilliant God like Job did; instead of secretly doubting, next time something goes wrong I am going to think like Job and hope in Him no matter what.

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When Life Bites

The airlock doors closed on his crumbling face as I walked away from the second visit to my Dad in a whole year. The illness which froze his emotions recoiled and I could see behind the mask how he loved me, missed me, how he felt about me.

I spent the afternoon in tears that I couldn’t really explain but I knew needed to carve their pathways down my face to relieve their pressure on the inside.

Easter this year was hard.


Suddenly on Saturday night we had an urgent call as a church to pray; an opporunity for a miracle sprung to my mind and we prayed and prayed until the early hours.

Sunday came, when He rose again, and instead of a miracle to dance and shout about we heard the news that shook us all to the core. Mid way through the morning service we heard the answer to our prayers; a final, permanent no.

I found myself in the place from the day before, confused, hurting not understanding what had happened to my prayers and all around me I saw those thoughts in so many others faces.

Then we saw an example. The leaders of my church didn’t crumble, this didn’t affect their faith, didn’t stop them worshipping, didn’t stop them declaring that God is good. Yes, they said, life sucks, yes, they said, this isn’t good, but, they said, He is good, but, they said, He is Risen.

I saw in them the best way to live. I saw in them the way to love God wholeheartedly. I saw in them what I’ve been learning all through my life.

When pain rises up and death’s bony fingers invade our lives, when everything you know falls apart, look it all squarely in the eye and spit hope back in it’s face.

Death has no hold on us – He is ALIVE!

Pain has lost it’s grip on us – He is ALIVE!

We don’t have to understand – HE IS ALIVE!

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The Ultimate Illogical Rescue

If you’re wondering what good friday means here’s my interpretation….

His death, His pain, His undeserved punishment is what has set me free. I should be ruined by the things I have done and what’s been done to me. I should be locked up in chains of pain and hopelessness.

His death is what makes hope bloom in darkness. He broke the chains your circumstances should be strangling you with.

What should have happened to you happened to Him when He died. Now you get what He deserved, love, favour, freedom.

This is the ultimate illogical rescue.

My words are nothing compared to these words. Have a read they will knock your socks off!

““I’ll put muscle in the people of Judah; I’ll save the people of Joseph. I know their pain and will make them good as new. They’ll get a fresh start, as if nothing had ever happened. And why? Because I am their very own God, I’ll do what needs to be done for them. The people of Ephraim will be famous, their lives brimming with joy. Their children will get in on it, too— oh, let them feel blessed by God! I’ll whistle and they’ll all come running. I’ve set them free—oh, how they’ll flourish! Zechariah 10:5″ The Message

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Hope Burns

This blog is about HOPE.

Many people have come across this word in a weak, sugary, “I hope it doesn’t rain today” sort of way. I’m not writing about that type of hope, I am writing about God’s hope.

The Hope that Jesus brings BURNS. It’s a fire that nothing, nothing can put out. It is POWERFUL.

It’s what drags us out of darkness.

It’s what tears our hearts from depression.

It’s what keeps us living in a world full of ruined dreams and dead possibilities.


“We who have run for our very lives to God have every reason to grab the promised hope with both hands and never let go. It’s an unbreakable spiritual lifeline, reaching past all appearances right to the very presence of God where Jesus, running on ahead of us, has taken up his permanent post as high priest for us, in the order of Melchizedek.” Hebrews 18-20 The Message

Do not give up hope! Grab the promises God has for you, He has a future for you, He has a purpose for you, He has people to love you and people for you to love in return. He has blessings to give you, He has lessons to teach you and fears to rescue you from.

No Matter how dark your life is right now His HOPE will burn through your situation untill all you have left in your heart is flame seared love, and knowledge that God, Your God, is greater and more powerful than anything you could ever face.

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