My Rescue

These are stories about my rescue. My rescue from depression, abuse, suicide and utter darkness. These are stories about my rescuer Jesus and His light that wars with the darkness. Stories full of hope that bloomed in darkness.

12 thoughts on “My Rescue

  1. Jesus waded into the muck to drag my sorry behind out more than once. Hopefully, I’ll stay out of those sorts of messes from now on!

    Thank you so much for sharing what He’s done for you. It offers hope to the hopeless, and who doesn’t need a little hope now and then?

    Praise Jesus!

  2. enjoyed reading. Come visit me. I too am a survivor of a dark past that held me by strings for the majority of my life. I know your Savior, I met Him too. My life is full of light, joy, LOVE and Jesus. My blog is a story of my miracle one bit at a time. Thank you for your refreshing blog. I never get tired of reading how God is working in the lives of others. I too am desiring to offer hope to the hopeless and be a voice to those who have no voice.

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