Fasting – How will I Survive without lots of FOOOOOD?

I can’t say that I have ever really fasted before, or even considered it! I always assumed that it was just an old-fashioned, out of date bible rule (forgive me – I’m quickly realising God doesn’t do those kind of rules!). The only person I knew of who had fasted was my uncle who fasted for a week and said it was NOT a good idea to do it. It just wasn’t really on my radar as something worth doing.


Recently, fasting seems to have been invading my life, people from all sides keep coincidentally mentioning it to me. To the point where one lady at my work, who I respect and admire A LOT even if she is a bit unconventional, told me “oh, you must fast, your family needs you so much. Just go without one thing a day that you would miss and every time you miss it pray to God for them, so that you remember to pray”.

I’ve been dismissing this bombardment of “you must fast!” coming from left right and centre by clinging to the fact that my wedding dress fitting lady told me “this will fit perfectly – but DO NOT lose any weight!”. Well, it looks like I’ve been going a little too far with that statement as I have now got weight to lose *sigh*…..

So tomorrow will be my first experience of fasting!

I’m not cutting out food entirely but cutting my calorie intake down to 500 calories for a day (there’s a well researched diet out there that this is based on so I know it won’t harm me or kill me haha!).


I’m interested to see how this is going to go, what will I feel? How hard will it really be? How hungry is it possible to get? On the one hand I’m so excited because I get the feeling there will be real God stuff for me to learn here, on the other I am scared I’ll get to 11am and give up in a hypoglycaemic haze!

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes! P.S. any of you ever give fasting a try? Hints or tips or even tales of epic fails are more than welcome in the comments – I think I’ll need the encouragement!

photo credit: » Zitona « via photopin cc
photo credit: » Zitona « via photopin cc


10 thoughts on “Fasting – How will I Survive without lots of FOOOOOD?

  1. This diabetic TRIED to fast…washed my face and everything…once a week. I was a House Dean Home Missionary at the time, helping care for ahndicapped adults. They made me stop doing it—-my crankiness was showing up at the same time each week! I can fast, sort of, for short periods of time…but I and those around me pay for it no matter how prayerful I try to be. Oh well. 🙂

  2. Fasting is one of those spiritual disciplines i need to get reconnected with. it is such a good discipline. Richard Foster in his book, Celebration of Discipline, has a great chapter on fasting. I used to fast lunch every Thursday and spend that hour in prayer, meditation, Scripture reading, etc. When I was a youth pastor, I would do the 30 hour complete fast with my students. A funny story: One day I had a high schooler say she wanted to participate in the 30 hour fast. I thought great! She then asked me if she could drink her Slim Fast shakes during the 30 hour fast. lol. All the best to you on your fast, and may God speak to you in a mighty way.

      • It was something I knew I needed to do…to be obedient to Jesus. I wouldn’t say I had a mountain top experience but I did have a lot more inner peace back then.

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  4. My tips:
    It can be hard especially the first few times but really important to work on growing that discipline.
    Be realistic at first, if you have to be doing stuff during the day don’t have a total fast (i.e. water only fast). I often, for example, fast by only having a bit of fruit instead of the 3 meals. But try starting with just a piece of fruit instead of breakfast and lunch then have dinner.

    The most important thing is that fasting is only practical (and is designed to be) coupled with a significant amount of time spent in prayer. Really take time that day to press into God, give the fast up to Him, pray that he would sustain you.

  5. When I fast the most important things that I have to do to get through it are:
    1. Remembering who God is.
    2. Remember Why I am fasting.
    3. Remind myself of the sacrifice Jesus Christ made.
    4. Remain prayerful the entire time. ( sometimes we forget that it is not through our strength that we are able to do things but through His strength)
    We sacrifice something/s when we fast and sometimes I want to give in..but when prayerfully reminding myself that Christ sacrificed his life for sacrifice becomes ….yea 🙂

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