The Forgotten, Rotten Potato

Yesterday I was so blessed by someone who took the time to share with me some of her testimony, and I saw the power that a transformed life can really, fully and concretely have to change someone else’s life. I thought that I had all my life in order and that I had fully let go of my past, yet this testimony seemed to reach right inside of me and jiggle something buried so deep that only God could know about it. God spoke to me yesterday and showed me the forgotten, rotten potato deep inside me.

A Potato? You ask… Let me explain.


When I was turning seventeen my friends kept asking me what I wanted for my birthday, and not one for presents in the end I blurted out “A Potato!”. Sure enough on my birthday there arrived a potato, decorated and dressed like a person. I thought it was great, so I took it home and placed it pride of place on my desk. Skip forward to August (my birthday was in September so there’s a fair bit of skipping to be done here). I had gone away for 2 weeks and when I came back my Mum was victoriously regaling the tale of how she had found the source of the smell in my room. My potato had lodged itself somewhere in my room, hidden from sight, months had gone by with no repercussions, but at some point it had started to sprouting, growing and stinking.

Do you know what the worst part is? I didn’t even notice the smell. It’d snuck up so gradually I didn’t notice the change. The rest of my room looked spotless, it was clean and tidy yet there was something hidden from view poisoning the whole area. And I couldn’t see, I had no way of knowing, that it was there.

This brings me back to yesterday, this testimony put a spotlight on the potato hidden in my soul. My forgotten, rotten, festering potato. And just like my Mum was the one to see, find and get rid of the potato of the past, I’m giving this potato straight to my Father in heaven. I honestly don’t know what to do with this, but through reminding me of this situation I can see that my God does! Amazing!

As you read this today I pray that you will be bold to share your testimonies with other people, because they have real power! I also pray that God will dig up any “hidden potatoes” in your soul today or in the coming days. Let’s live in freedom – He died so we could have it!

photo credit: Funchye via photopin cc


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