Anyone else get the Wedding Jitters?

Ok, so I have 3 months and 2 days until my wedding day……. I have this massive mixed up knot in my stomach pretty much every time I think about it. My dreams are filling up with invites still not sent, the fact that we still don’t (and may not) have a place to live and pretty much anything wedding related that could go wrong.

When we got engaged I was Ecstatic! It felt so right, so peaceful, so calm. We had started organising early and everything was falling into place. 6 months, 3 hospital trips and dodgy lease paperwork later we are not in the same place. Things are HECTIC! More to the point I am hectic!

So my question to all you experienced bloggers out there is,

Is this normal???


I guess the spiral of my thoughts goes like this… Oh no we haven’t sent out the invites yet… What if people don’t turn up?…. Wow money is tight since he hasn’t been working, what if we can’t afford any furniture/food/fees and we end up miserably married?……. Things are looking dodgy with our flat, what if we have to live with my parents for a while? That will put a strain on our relationship!….. We haven’t had any fun quality time throughout this illness, what if when we get married we stop connecting??? What if we aren’t right for each other? Should we even get married when things are so up in the air??? End rant.

Anyway, the sensible part of me knows this is probably normal, I love him, he loves me, we are VERY different but most of the time it works great. But there is the nagging, cold feet inducing worry that maybe we are getting this wrong.

This evening we are being sat down by our pastor to take a marriage test. I kid you not, a marriage test – we pass all is well, we fail and it’s no wedding for us, we can’t be married in our Church.


There is no way we can revise, no way of cheating (not that I looked intoΒ that or anything…. cough), and in the uncertain words of our pastor we should “pass with flying colours – or I hope so at least”. Hmmm, that’s encouraging!

In the meantime, people, can you help me?!?

Is this Normal?

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9 thoughts on “Anyone else get the Wedding Jitters?

  1. Satan hates Godly marriage. If you weren’t being pressed with doubts and temptations – I’d be worried you weren’t on the right track after all.

    You’re OK – totally normal – and are going to be a great wife!

  2. These are my thoughts! There is no guarantee with anything that involves weighing a known (the present) against an unknown (the future). Unless we want to be stressed forever, at some point we have to sigh and figure we’ve done the best we can to make a good choice, and step forward with joy, in your case trusting God and each other. The marriage test you and your fiance can do on your own is to talk openly, with as much self honesty and transparency as you’re able, however scary that is, about your plans, dreams, the way you see money, the way you assume you will raise kids, things that scare you and inspire you, that you NEED to find life beautiful. What you STRONGLY WANT in life (if you know) – because if your fiance won’/can’t go there with you, it can be disappointing. If you know you have irrational fears or biases, bring them to the table and admit you may need help from the other. This would apply to sensitive spots from your past (mine would be yelled at or being discounted when I express a need).My husband and I have the same kind hearts, but totally different interests, which is honestly lonely at times, and difficult for me living in his world…his small town…away from my family. But he is the most dear, kind, patient, affectionate, honest, true person I have ever known. My parents, married 66 years this year, knew each other for 3 months, but my mom KNEW it was right (I’ve never experienced that KNOWING). They would say there is no perfect time to get married. They started in a shack with no running water or bathroom, sometimes eating pancakes or oatmeal so they could go to a movie, or to make it to the next paycheck. Those are their fondest memories. It was part of what has bonded them – taking one small step at a time to move forward together with their plans for life. They have had, and still have, their differences – but they absolutely nurture and adore one another. They play cards every day, Mom keeps the scores for a YEAR, then throws them away and they start again. Just for fun. Their tradition.They hold hands. He hugs her in the kitchen. They are in love….still. And the wedding….? It’s more about enjoying, celebrating the start of a marriage. I think pre-marriage feelings are different for everyone, but, yeah….you’re normal!! I hope I didn’t say too much and stress you more! Blessings! Diane

    • Ah thank you for this, it’s good for me to remember there are no black and whites, straight forward right and wrong things in life, it’s all choices and risks and trusting! I’ve been very blessed by this comment thank you!

  3. Sweet, sweet lady. You are normal. I think everyone goes through jittery times just not everyone vocalizes it. It’s healthy to talk it though and get it! Blessings on you both! πŸ™‚

  4. You have to pass a test to get married?! Ah! I would stress a bit, too! But I tend to overthink things. I’m sure you both did great, and have a very happy future ahead of you!

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