Super Sweet Blogging Award

Thank you so much Ex-Religious Christian for this nomination, your writing is so genuine and you always inspire me with you brutal honesty about what you are feeling. Keep posting please, you don’t know how much you help me!

Thank you so much, I am really grateful for this award.


Rules for the Award:

•Thank the super sweet blogger that nominated you

•Answer five super sweet questions

•Include the super sweet blogging award image in your blog post

•Nominate 12 other bloggers

Time for the five super sweet questions:

Cookies or cake? Cake, always, always cake!

Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla

Favorite sweet treat? Chai lattes are my secret treat at the moment

When you do crave sweet things the most? When I’m feeling sad

Sweet nickname? Bob…. don’t ask!

My 12 Super sweet nominations:

Thank you so much 🙂 Happy Blogging

6 thoughts on “Super Sweet Blogging Award

  1. Thank you so much, your words are so sweet. Your blog is awesome too! I feel like we can relate to a lot of the same things, especially the name of your blog, it is so true that hope blooms in darkness. You are most deserving the award, please don’t stop writing either 🙂

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