The Curse of the Ugly Days

The curse of the “Ugly Day” is probably something most women experience. The impatient fussing in a mirror that just won’t show us what we want to see, the shrinking feeling inside as our faults feel lit up, on display, and, sometimes, the concrete hate deep in our stomachs directed at ourselves.

It sounds petty to admit how much I care what I look like, and how unkind words from the past still to this day really affect me, but the truth is I do care and some days I really REALLY care.

When an Ugly Day comes upon me I feel defeated, I feel ashamed and I am not a good advert for following Jesus. What a great plan of the devil to keep me under his control!


Low self-esteem can destroy so many things in a person’s life. We become jealous of our friends, distant from our husbands (at the moment I’m just guessing!) and causes lack of confidence with new people we meet. Half the things that God would have us do, that we would be perfect at, we are too afraid to do. This is just plain poisonous!

Now unfortunately I don’t have answers which are life changing. I know that focusing on our positives is good, as is taking control of what we think/read/watch on TV – none of this is new or mind blowing stuff. What I think might help though, is to remember that this is a great way for the devil to keep us inactive. Basically, this is an attack which can have devastating results so he uses it a lot.

We can remember that we don’t feel this way because we are ugly, we feel this way because of an attack. You wouldn’t attack something useless, and you wouldn’t attack something that isn’t important. Women are made to be beautiful, and that’s why the devil wants us to feel ugly. Our strength is in our beauty, which actually has very little to do with what we look like; We are beautiful because that’s what God made us to be – if you feel anything else it is simply a lie.

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14 thoughts on “The Curse of the Ugly Days

  1. Is that your picture? I get your point, but you are not ugly…in that picture…a bit Gothic, but not ugly 🙂 But then what do I know—I’m a bald, fat old guy with a complexion he never takes properly care of! But when my blood sugar levels get out of whack…THEN I get ugly!!!!!

  2. No matter what kind of day you thing you’re having, even your most self thought ugly day – God finds you beautiful and magnificently made. if God made you as you are and you’re good enough for Him – then no one should really matter. Just keep saying, God loves me and I can live with that.

    God bless you.

      • You are most welcome, Hope. Yes, the key is to hold onto these truths….. for in time they become self-evident. Remember, Hope, you’re perfect in God’s eyes.
        Anytime you need to talk I’m here for you.
        Love through Christ;

  3. Satan is a professional at finding our weakest point. He knows exactly what buttons to push, that have the best chance of keeping us off our game. I believe we all have some buttons that we have to take great care in protecting. As a man, I’m not as affected by this particular “button” as much as you ladies are, and we men do appreciate the effort you ladies go to, but just remember to guard that button, because the devil will push it every chance he gets, if he knows it works on you. I have my own temptations I guard against, and as you said, keeping our mind full of the truth of God’s word is the best defense! I have seen women skinny as a bean pole, and yet the devil has convinced them they are fat! So they…well, you know what they do better than I, probably, but do you see how good the devil is at what he does? I don’t see how some of you women could “ever” have an ugly day, but evidently the devil pushes that button. I believe your future husband is a very lucky man and you will be a wonderful wife, just as I have been so lucky for 36 years now. Don’t let the devil stress you out with his lies. Great article, sister. I’m sure a lot of women know exactly the “button” you’re talking about. LOL! I’m just beginning to write about “Fighting our demons”, and believe it, or not, it really does relate to what you’re saying. Your words have hit a button with me today. Thanks for writing it.

    • I really like the point that satan is a proffessional at finding weak points – he really is! Men and women have different “buttons” you are right but the feeling of having a button pushed is universal I think. I’m glad this post resonates with men as well as women. Looks like the devil tries do a good job on both groups!

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