A Challenge for the Breaking People

These last few weeks for me have been HARD. The kind of up in the air, hospital visits, yo-yo-ing emotions, watching someone you love in extreme pain kind of hard.

People, I want to be honest about this, my worst fears have been happening in front of me.

In light of other people’s struggles what I have had happen these last few weeks are nothing. Honestly, they are a walk in the park compared to other people’s lives that I know of.

But for me this is the crunch-point. This is the one too many things going wrong, one too many sleepless nights, one too many nightmares coming back to haunt me kind of moment.

All the defences I learnt to use, all the coping mechanisms, all the catch phrases of God that I used as bubble wrap against the world have popped, broken and stopped working.

These situations have burrowed deep to the core of me and I FEEL BROKEN!

I don’t understand and my emotions are fighting to take control of me and I can see that I, in and of myself, have lost control.

In this place I see a choice and a challenge.

That challenge is God. Do you know Him? Have you loved Him your whole life? Have you only ever known the name as a curse word? It doesn’t matter what you know of God, this desolate place in anyones life brings the mighty challenge of what do we make of God?

Are you angry at Him? Are you clinging to trust Him? Do you hate Him? Would you spit in His face???

The challenge to me, and to you, is how to handle God in this situation. The challenge is to face Him, even if that is just to shout in His face.


You heard. If you are angry with God, show it. If you are depressed, show it. If you are sad, show it.

I am not a Christian who will tell you to become a robot and change your emotions. I am a Christian who knows how big my God is, big enough to take any abuse from us, willing to take pain from us. AS LONG at it let’s Him into our lives.

Bring your true opinion, self and life to God, no matter what that means.

This is my challenge today.

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12 thoughts on “A Challenge for the Breaking People

  1. God is quite unique. He is always there; whether in good times or bad His presence is with us. it is those times of which you speak that God, setting there patiently, reaches out to take us into His arms – He is, after all, called the Great Comforter. It is at those very moments that God is waiting to seal us into His kingdom. For when we are truly broken and have no where to turn – He is our only hope.

    Great post.. Thanks for sharing it. May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless and keep you, and yours, always.

  2. You said you’ve lost control. Perfect!! Now you’re ready for a breakthrough! When He has complete control, change comes. Growth comes. Help comes. You know I’m praying for you. 🙂 I’m also believing His best for you, and fully expecting a radical change for you!

    You’re right, He can take anything we give Him if it means we are seeking His face. He just loves honesty! And He loves YOU! You are the apple of his eye. His sun rises and sets filled with thoughts of you. Even if you feel alone, you’re not. He’s there, arms outstretched and ready for you to run into His embrace.

    This post is a beacon of light in the darkness. Through your growing process, you are helping countless others. ((Hugs))

    Love and blessings!

    • These words have really helped me (read them in the hospital at a time when I really needed them). I never knew when I started a blog how much fellowship and support there is over the net – it’s blown me away! Thank you so very very much 🙂

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