A painted lemon is not an orange.

I read this post yesterday and it’s stuck in my head, I feel squeezed by circumstances in my life and this is reminding me to watch my reactions and what comes out of me as a result of the squeezing. This a really brilliant post, have a read and I hope it helps you as much as it helped me!

Living Sifted

Last night at small group, we were talking about “the fundamentals” of Christianity.  Everyone was tossing out simple truths that they easily stray from, and were acknowledging their need to get back to the basics.  It was a really good discussion!

The conversation led me to remember something I had heard once.  I couldn’t recall the whole story at the time, but I knew the general point was that when we’re squeezed by difficulties in life, what’s really in us is what comes out.

When I was thinking about it this morning, I remembered more of the details from the message I had once heard, and I thought I’d share here because it truly is fantastic material.

The imagery portrayed made this story really come alive.  So I’ll explain in the same way.

If you have a lemon, it has a tough peel on the outside that is yellow, it’s divided…

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