The Ultimate Illogical Rescue

If you’re wondering what good friday means here’s my interpretation….

His death, His pain, His undeserved punishment is what has set me free. I should be ruined by the things I have done and what’s been done to me. I should be locked up in chains of pain and hopelessness.

His death is what makes hope bloom in darkness. He broke the chains your circumstances should be strangling you with.

What should have happened to you happened to Him when He died. Now you get what He deserved, love, favour, freedom.

This is the ultimate illogical rescue.

My words are nothing compared to these words. Have a read they will knock your socks off!

““I’ll put muscle in the people of Judah; I’ll save the people of Joseph. I know their pain and will make them good as new. They’ll get a fresh start, as if nothing had ever happened. And why? Because I am their very own God, I’ll do what needs to be done for them. The people of Ephraim will be famous, their lives brimming with joy. Their children will get in on it, too— oh, let them feel blessed by God! I’ll whistle and they’ll all come running. I’ve set them free—oh, how they’ll flourish! Zechariah 10:5″ The Message

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