Red Raw and Itching

Emotional healing reminds me of scabs. Yes, you heard. Scabs. The itchy, flaky, frustrating kind you found on your knee as a child. The ones you couldn’t help but pick.

Gross huh? Let me explain my reasons… Do you have a part of your life that isn’t quite where you would like it? Perhaps you have felt great pain in that place, the crushing blows of disappointment, the bitter pierce of betrayal? Has the sting faded out, the blood stopped flowing and life returned to normal?

And yet an ache remains.

An itch. A gnawing sense that though life is back to normal, things inside just aren’t right.

Hence the scab. Your not bleeding, not immediately in danger/pain/distress. You can go back to using that part of yourself and function just fine. Your scab is keeping everything in place, yet oooooh it itches! Your body is eager to get back to health, to be stronger in that place, more adept to face the same challenges….

…and yet, it can’t.

Today is not the day. The scab is in it’s place, a frustrating reminder that, although improved, you are not yet whole.

One day you WILL break forth into smooth-skinned radiance; stronger, bolder, calmer!

In the realm of emotional healing I find frustration is an ever-present emotion. One day I will be whole (thank you Jesus!), I will be better, more useful. I get the feeling this testimony could blow the chains right off others struggling with similar things!

And yet I have to wait, I need to wait, to be completely whole.


Jesus is the Healer. If I am not healed right now, it’s not my sin that’s keeping me here, it’s His wisdom. He is my protector, shelter and shield, my scab, keeping the sensitive places safe from harm until I am ready. He knows what He’s doing.

My words to you, and often to myself, are do not hide your story under a lamp shade, but do not rip the scab off too fast and share your pain too quickly.

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14 thoughts on “Red Raw and Itching

  1. Beautiful entry! I feel the same way, and often use the scab analogy! Thanks for visiting my blog as well, I enjoy visitors! I look forward to reading more of what you have to say in your future blogs. Be blessed!

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  3. Let me see if I can find the words? I know my Lord has called me to live a life of transparency, Satan loves to pick at this one area of my life and say what about this? Till now I did not know it is not ready yet to be seen there is a scab in place called Jesus. Thank-you with all my heart, James

    • I so often felt like a failure for not helping people with my testimony. Infact I think it stopped some of the healing because I felt so guilty. I am so glad God showed me it is His timing that counts, not our failures. If He hasn’t healed us to the point of sharing then that’s His decision and we can be free in that. THAT is how AWESOME our God is! Be blessed 🙂

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