I’m Choosing Life

I have grown up negative about myself. All through my life I have been fed the subtle message “you are second best”, “you’re ugly”, “you aren’t as good as that person”, “they don’t find you intersting, they won’t even remember you”. Hasn’t every one? At least every woman I know has.

Those people who the devil uses to make us feel small, the perfect one? Well I realised today that he may well be trying to push them down too. And what about me? Am I doing the same? Pushing people down? Most probably.

So here’s my decision. I am choosing life. I am choosing to forgive those who hurt me. To be hard to offend, quick to believe the best and humble. I’m going to choose to look at what Jesus has done. He loves me. He chose me. He says I’m beautiful, and so I beleive Him.

That’s enough for me.